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A focus on Leaflet Distribution in London

London is hailed, by many, as one of the greatest cities in the world and as this is where we conduct most of our leaflet distribution activity, we would happen to agree! In our latest blog post we focus on leaflet distribution in London.

London Landmarks

Our leaflet distribution teams are lucky enough to be able to spot some great landmarks whilst distributing in London. In SW1 you’ll see Buckingham Palace, Green Park, St James Park and Westminster. In NW1 you’ll see the famous London Zoo which is located in Regents Park. Distribute in SE1 and you will see Tower Bridge and Borough market.

London’s Wealth Gap

There is great disparity across London with many of the world’s richest living with those on the poverty line. This is evident in many of the houses we see whilst undertaking leaflet distribution across London. Many affluent neighbourhoods will be just a stone’s throw from areas that aren’t as fortunate. Hammersmith & Fulham Council is a prime example. To read more about how we help the Council with their leaflet distribution requirements, check out our case study.

House Types in London

Mews houses are popular in the West and riverfront apartments can be found by the river in East London. You’ll find terraced housing in many parts of London, with Islington rich in Victorian properties in Islington and some larger detached housing in Hampstead and Dulwich.

London’s Postcode History

The postcode was first introduced in 1959 as part of an experiment to save costs on manual sorting and to take advantage of sorting via electronic machines. The humble postcode splits the country into sections and sub-sections allowing the Royal Mail to sort letters quickly and efficiently ready for delivery. Due to the increase in post and duplication of many street names in London, a postal code was needed.

Road Names in London

Whilst leaflet distributing in London, our distributors come across some interesting road names. Cheapside, located in the heart of the City, was given its name as ‘Cheap’ was a broad meaning for ‘Market’ in medieval English and the area housed one of the principal markets in London. Several of the street names in the area derived after some of the businesses that traded there, such as Honey Lane, Wood Street, Milk Street, Bread Street and Poultry. You can find some more of London’s strangest road names here. 

If you would like to find out more about our leaflet distribution in London, please contact us on 020 8440 0400.



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