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We’re Going Green!


Letterbox Green

Letterbox are excited to announce the steps we are taking to reduce our impact on the planet with the launch of our Letterbox Green Brand and our support for The Climate Pledge and Dreams for Trees.

Like most businesses, there are elements to our business that impact the planet. Over our 34 years of trading, we have actively worked to reduce our carbon footprint by being involved with Trees for Cities, printing on FSC paper, reducing vehicle movements and ensuring our office process is as green as possible.

As the threat to our planet increases, we have been working hard in the background in finding a greener solution for door drop, that doesn’t compromise too much on our current costs and of course maintains our high service levels.

So, lets talk about how our current process impacts the planet.

Although the main part of our business involves paper (distributing, printing), all of the paper we use is FSC accredited; the materials of which come from well-managed forests (planted solely for paper) and/or recycled sources. Many people do not realise that it is through the production of paper that many new forests exist.

We currently use vans to transport staff and stock into area in order to distribute. Due to the size and weight of the materials we deliver, large vans with a heavy payload are required in order to carry the stock. Until now, electric vehicles have not been developed well enough to be economical or effective for our work. We are confident that new developments will improve electric vehicle capabilities over the next five years which will allow us to eventually use only electric vehicles.

Our distributors have almost a zero impact on the planet whilst distributing as they deliver the items on foot with no need for any carbon emitting machinery.

What are we doing to combat this?

Our new ‘Letterbox Green’ brand combines four important elements, of which you can choose one, some or all, in order to help us reduce our impact on the planet. See our Letterbox Green page for more details.

Zero Emission
We now have three electric vehicles in our fleet that are currently working across London. We hope to grow the number of electric vehicles we operate over the coming months.

Sustainable Print
Leaflets, letters, magazines and even packaging materials can be chosen from our 100% recycled range to reduce our impact on the planet.

We Plant
We are supporting a London based charity; Dream for Trees who are planting mini forests all over the UK. Growing rapidly, the forests capture carbon and create brilliant habitats for wildlife in a matter of years. We encourage all of our clients to make a donation to the work Dream for Trees are doing currently across London and Hertfordshire. There will be options to donate money, a tree (or number of trees) and even to purchase your own plot of land for tree planting. We’ll share more about their work in the coming months.

Our Pledge
We are joining the likes of JLL, AECOM, Visa and MACE, in a promise to become a net zero carbon company with regular reporting, carbon elimination and credible offsets. We have signed up to the Climate Pledge and would love to see you join us.

Since our inception in 1987, we have long been involved in innovating the door drop industry, from helping to develop Geoplan Streetfinder to introducing Tracking of distributors and making this a standard in the industry. Finding a greener solution to door drop has been a long time coming and as one of the first in our industry to make this commitment we urge our competitors to follow suit in making door drop carbon zero.

We would love to hear your feedback on our new Letterbox Green service and feel free to contact us on 020 8440 0400 or email to learn more!



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