Marketing on a Budget

When you think of a marketing campaign, you often consider a glossy magazine advert, a prime-time television promotion or a pricey billboard in the middle of London. Truth is, there is more to marketing than this. With the current climate forcing many to save costs wherever possible; we look at ways to produce a marketing campaign on a budget.

Use of Social Media

Use platforms such as social media to engage with your audience. Find out how Hub Spot have established 5 proven social media strategies for increasing engagement here. If you are local, use hashtags to highlight your local area and connect with local residents and businesses. Running a social media campaign alongside a leaflet drop can increase your responses and helps keep your brand top of mind.

Leaflet Distribution & Print

If leaflet dropping, consider shared distribution to keep costs lower. Its generally the same distribution service level but you have to be a little more flexible with areas and dates which suits some companies anyway.

Look for volume discounts; this applies particularly when printing. Make sure to ask us about our printing service too. The same artwork can be printed in bulk to save costs and used as and when you need the item. The same applies, to an extent, to leaflet distribution, where it is often a lower cost per 1,000 rate when you reach a certain quantity. Do consider however that as distribution is a labour-intensive service and the majority of the per 1,000 rate is made up of the distributors wage, increasing your quantity substantially will not dramatically reduce the cost you pay, unless the supplier is cutting something from their service. We explore the impact that paying staff minimum wage has on direct marketing costs in an old blog post.

Research & Personalisation

A marketing campaign run on any platform will yield better responses if you have done your research. You should carefully consider your target audience and what may appeal to them so you can tailor your message and content to attract them. Your research may also include finding the best platform to deliver your marketing campaign and one that will give you the highest level of response.

Personalisation and targeting will make your content more appealing to the end reader. Emails allow for very granular targeting and use of first name and past spending habits whereas you can create more generalised targeted content on social media and door drops through social media algorithms and postcode data respectively.


A great way to save money on your marketing is to reuse your content. Use the same copy and images for campaigns across social media, print and email. Using content from previous campaigns is also a great idea as its likely most people won’t remember what you sent out a few months ago. Not only will this approach save you money, you will spend less time trying to come up with fresh ideas and it will streamline your marketing. You may need to adapt the text slightly according to platform and date.

For help on how to use door drop as part of a marketing campaign, please contact us on 020 8440 0400.


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