Perspective – What do you see?

Perspective is an interesting subject, referring to a particular attitude or point of view toward something.  What we see and our view on things can depend on our outlook. Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty type of person?

Take the above image for example, what do you see? Several people in the Letterbox team looked at the image and saw the same thing – a beach scene at night. However, the image is actually a photograph of the bottom of a rusty car. Can you see it now? Did you see the beach scene or the rusty car? If you saw the beach scene, is that because you are the optimistic type or do you just need a holiday by the sea?

There are often different ways to view an image or a situation.

When we look at this in the context of business, or more familiar to us, our leaflet distribution service, it is obviously the wish of our clients to have 100% of their leaflets delivered across 100% of the intended area. However, when looking at things from our distributors’ perspective, we may notice that some flats are difficult to access, houses may have “no junk mail” signs, gated cul-de-sacs may prevent entry and a householder may refuse your leaflet. It is important therefore, to consider things from all perspectives. The perspective that first appears obvious may not turn out to be the correct one.

There are a number of reasons an address may be missed during a door drop campaign, that’s why we offer an industry standard of 95% delivery. Now, you may see this as a failure of 5%, or you may take the view that given the limitations door drop has as a marketing channel, 95% coverage is a positive.

We may also look at perspective in terms of response rates. You may wonder if a leaflet drop is worth it, in the sense that you distribute 10,000 leaflets and receive a small number of responses. If you take another view point, for example and realise that as well as the responses you may get, you are creating a general brand awareness and prompting conversations about your brand. Not only this, but you may have forgotten to consider that a leaflet drop can also drive traffic to your website or social media platforms.

We would therefore suggest that in anything in life, not just business, you assume good intent and when things don’t seem to be turning out the way you expected, look at the bigger picture and know that there is often another perspective.

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