Plan your Christmas campaign, now!

It’s that time of the year again, Christmas is just around the corner! Like it or loathe it, there’s no denying its marketing power for most businesses. Those in retail, entertainment, food and beverage, and specialist shops are likely to be really busy in the run up to Christmas. There are many ways you can maximise your marketing activity; invitations to events, promoting a Christmas sale or seasonal offer, sending your clients a Christmas card or generally just reminding them you are there. Whatever it is, a distribution company, just like us, can help.

Planning your Campaign

As always, a leaflet distribution campaign is something you should be planning at least a few weeks in advance, if not months ahead. This ensures your distribution company has the availability to fit you in on your desired date, and there is enough time to organise printing of the leaflets and any logistics involved. Remember you’re also going to be in competition with other companies that are likely to be booking in last minute so make sure you start early! It’s also worth checking with your distribution and printing companies their Christmas/New Year working hours as most companies will close over this period. Printers tend to get especially busy in the run up to Christmas so turnaround times are likely to be increased.

New Year Campaigns

Although you probably can’t think about the New Year yet, for any company wanting to do a marketing campaign, it’s a must. As mentioned above, most companies will close over the Christmas/New Year period, so you will need to book this before everyone shuts down. Those businesses that have any New Year Sales will want to get their offers out straight after Christmas, and remember you will have to plan this beforehand! Gyms, schools and classes may also be looking for New Year registrations – so January is a great time to get out a door drop.

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