Public Consultations – Ensuring Leaflets are Delivered

When delivering a leaflet or letter regarding a public consultation for a new development or town regeneration, ensuring the items are delivered is one of the most important aspects of the entire campaign. When you book in a distribution, you trust the distribution company to deliver the items to the agreed addresses. Just as crucial in making sure every item is delivered is for works restricting access or road closures put in by Councils, highways and transport companies.

A distribution company who has a vigorous structure where distributors are supervised can give you peace of mind, however tracking is another level of monitoring, we believe should be as standard when distributing items of a consultation nature.

Tracking via GPS signal allows you to track individual distributors on their route, some companies are able to access this live, others solely use ‘data loggers’ where information is only available after the distribution has been completed. Tracking gives the client the ability to see exactly where the items were delivered and should act as a way of proving distribution has been completed to a high standard. It is also there to check any mis-delivery reports as most high-quality trackers allow you to zoom into specific house numbers. In addition to this, tracking safe guards both the client and distribution teams against potential disgruntled residents who may claim not to have received a copy. The tracking can prove that delivery to these households was made.

The advantage of live tracking is that supervisors can check the trackers as the distributors are out delivering so can rectify any issues on the day of distribution.

Given the importance and sensitivity of the content of information being delivered, tracking should be considered vital on distributions of this nature.

It is also worth checking with your distribution to find out what evidence is supplied on completion of your distribution. You will want to know whether they have tracking software and supply evidence of this and if they provide other feedback on the distribution, for example missed property reports.

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