Demographic Reporting

Leaflet distribution is an unaddressed item, so whilst we cannot specify particular demographics for a certain household, we can analyse postcode sectors by demographic reporting to ensure your leaflet is delivered to a greater number of your target audience as possible. We work with Mosaic which breaks the UK population down into 64 categories according to social class, age, property type and area, income and children.

Benefits of Demographic Profiling;

  • Allows you to be selective with door drop areas. If you cover a wide area or your services are based online, you can run a report to identify best postcode sectors for distribution.
  • More cost effective than targeting specific addresses via data and direct mail

Demographic Profiling Options:

  • Customer Analysis Report: Using your current customer postcode data, we can identify the percentage of your customers from a specific postcode and can profile these to establish which Mosaic type your customers are.
  • Postcode Ranking Report: From the Customer Analysis Report, we will run your audience type through your entire area and produce a heat map and list of postcodes ordered by % target audience. This report will identify the best postcodes to choose for a leaflet distribution campaign. *If you are already aware of your target audience, you can run this report without the customer analysis first.

For more information on this service, do contact us on 020 8440 0400.
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