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Direct Mail Agency Letterbox DistributionDirect Mail Agency – With today’s online information overload and the ever-spiralling costs of pay-per-click more and more companies are returning to direct mail. The recent resurgence of direct mail as part of an integrated program or campaign is down to it’s effectiveness in delivering a positive ROI. This is especially the case when micro targeting new customers or indeed developing the existing customer relationship.

GDPR and the misguided thought that DM does not appeal to all age groups and demographics has been debunked with studies into how mail is seen and circulated throughout households and beyond. A recent JIC Mail study in to the interaction of a DM piece in the home showed:

  • 38% is put on display, or in the usual place to look at later.
  • 21% of all mail is shared between the household.
  • 18% of special offers are passed on or discussed with someone else.

A tangible piece of DM in the home is a powerful force in driving results from your call to action. Combine this with the ever more sophisticated data points available and a carefully thought, produced and timely delivered piece is a winning formula.

Letterbox distribution offers a full service one-stop-shop for your direct mail campaign from data and design to printing and posting. Whether it’s a campaign on its own or part of a wider customer journey campaign we can help you with all elements.

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