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Spread the good news

We’ve been reflecting on why society seems to focus on bad news instead of good, plus the implications this can have on us and on businesses…

Did you know it takes 5 positive actions to overcome 1 negative?

In the world of business as in other areas of life, bad news travels fast. The press, for example, love a good story about failure! If someone has had a negative experience with a product or service, they are likely to share the details with friends or write bad reviews and word can spread quickly. This can have a negative impact on the business in question. Unfortunately, it seems positive experiences are less likely to be shared. The person who enjoys a positive interaction, fantastic product or excellent customer service is more likely to quietly revel in the pleasure than to shout about it, unless they are invited to offer their opinion.

When we focus on the good and share positive experiences, our attention shifts to notice more of these things that makes us feel great. The way we feel is closely tied to our outlook. In sharing good news with others, expressing our gratitude to an individual or business in the form of a kind word, a good review or spreading the word by telling our friends, we give others a helping hand in what can be a challenging business environment. This makes the person providing the product or service feel happier and more appreciated and in a world of so much choice, people welcome a recommendation. Think too, of what that positive recommendation may do for consumers in a similar position to you, who may be grateful for the advice or guidance.

What you appreciate, appreciates – in other words, what you focus your energy on, be it good or bad, will increase or expand. In putting our focus on and sharing good news, the energy around us becomes magnetic and we draw in more positive experiences; this in turn will have an impact on business. People notice the difference between someone with an upbeat, glass half full approach to life and the person who looks for the negative.

So, let’s make sure that when we have experienced something positive, we make a point of telling the person who sold you the goods or service and that you are happy with your experience. In the business world this feedback is important to companies, entrepreneurs and also consumers. If you’ve had a good experience, tell someone else, tell the person who provided it; it will make their day, and it might make yours too.

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