The Best Leaflet Distribution Campaigns

Leaflet distribution is a popular form of marketing, but not all campaigns are as successful as clients might wish. So, what are the differences between a successful distribution campaign and one that doesn’t make an impact? It’s not just a case of printing any old leaflet and sending it out at random… let’s be realistic about what it takes to make your leaflet marketing work.

Plan ahead

Whilst many companies wait for a lull in their business before leaping into action with an ill thought through panic campaign, this sort of reactive marketing is rarely worthwhile as a successful campaign requires planning. Here are a few points to consider:

  1. Planning ahead means that you are more likely to get the time slots and area availability you require.
  2. Planning ahead means that should you wish to book a shared distribution, there is enough time to find suitable clients with leaflets to go alongside.
  3. Planning ahead means that you can take full advantage of special dates and occasions, for example Valentine’s Day, big sporting events and local celebrations.
  4. Planning ahead gives you time to consider your market.

Target your audience

One of the most basic principles of a successful marketing campaign is being clear on your audience. Knowing who and where potential clients or customers can be found is one of the most important aspects to any campaign and this can take planning. There is little point spending money that could otherwise be spent wisely promoting a high-end brand in a run down, low income area. When you are clear on who you want to reach, you can target your message to that audience. Demographic reports are a useful tool when it comes to accessing this information.

Set your objectives

Consider what you want to achieve with your campaign and create your leaflet accordingly.

Call to action

Let people who pick up your leaflet know what you want them to do by including a clear call to action. Make it as simple as possible for people to respond in whatever way you want them to. Be sure that contact details are clear and easy to access, whether it’s your phone number, address or website.

Be smart with your leaflet design

There is a huge difference between a leaflet that makes an impact and one that’s more likely to go straight in the bin.

Some questions to consider for your leaflet design

1. Is it consistent with your company’s branding?
A leaflet that is instantly recognisable as yours will support your brand identity and help make your company feel familiar. People like familiarity as it makes them feel comfortable.

2. What sort of paper stock should it be printed on?
If yours is a high-end brand, consider using a thicker paper stock and a finish that looks and feels good. Don’t let your paper choices let you down.

3. What message do you want to get across?
Do you want people to visit your company, to order online or to call you for a quote or conversation? The message you want to get across is important to impart in a way that makes it as quick and easy as possible for those reading your leaflet to take action.

Track your success

Tracking the effectiveness of your door drop can provide useful information for future campaigns, so set up a sustainable tracking method that allows you to see what worked where and what didn’t. With this knowledge, you can adapt any future campaigns accordingly.

Be prepared for success

What would a successful campaign mean to your business? Would it mean a restaurant full of customers, a stream of online orders or a phone line that is busy with enquiries? Whatever the outcome you desire for your door drop, make sure you are fully prepared for this happening. Do you have enough of the right ingredients, kitchen staff and waitresses to ensure the swift service and a standard of food that results in a positive experience for all customers? Do you have the stock ready to send out should a large number of orders come in? Do you have an extra phone line or person on hand to respond to calls if people are expecting a quick answer? These things may sound obvious, but can be easily overlooked. Taking the bigger picture into consideration when planning your leaflet distribution campaign means that you are able to revel in success when it happens.

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