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Using Leaflet Distribution to Recruit Staff Quickly and Easily


Leaflet Distribution to Recruit Staff

It may seem like an unusual approach if you’ve never tried it, but leaflet distribution to recruit staff can be a super-efficient and cost-effective way of reaching potential staff members in their own homes and filling vacancies.

If you find that you are having trouble filling vacancies at your company? Or you have a high turnover of staff and find that you are always advertising? If you waste money on agencies who send unsuitable staff who don’t stay for long? Read on and be the company that does things differently.

Don’t wait for them to come to you, go to them

Looking for work can be a thankless task. Endless visits to the job centre, scanning adverts in the windows of recruitment agencies, newsagents and the back of the local paper can feel disheartening and dis-empowering and seeking suitable work online can feel overwhelming. Instead of waiting for new staff to find you, go to them!

Imagine for a moment, that you have just lost your job or been out of work for some time… morale is low and motivation is lacking. You really don’t feel like paying another visit to the dole office to be put forward for roles you have little interest in, but you have bills coming in that need paying. The majority of people find work by going out and seeking it. Most jobs are advertised in places where people have to discover them, be it online or in person. Using leaflet distribution to recruit staff, you are doing them a favour… not just sitting back expecting them to find you, you are going to them, greeting them in the homes with an invitation. Most companies are missing a trick by not doing this. Be the company that does things differently!

Create an invitation

When designing your leaflet, consider how you can make it appealing to potential employees. You could make your leaflet or postcard more like an invitation than an advert in the way you use your wording by opening with, “Would you like to work for a friendly, local company?” Use colours and imagery that feel uplifting to make your leaflet design more attractive and eye-catching.

Share/Lay out the benefits

Draw people in by sharing the benefits of working for your company on the leaflet. If you offer discounted staff meals, childcare vouchers or flexible working hours, say this… it helps make the idea of working for you all the more appealing.


Target your leaflet distribution on the area around the place in which people would be working. Explore demographics to choose areas where a high proportion of people are of working age and seeking employment.

How we can help you

We don’t just deliver leaflets, there are many other ways in which Letterbox can help you with the planning and implementation of your campaign:

  • Design
    Our talented designers can work with you to create an eye-catching and informative leaflet design.
  • Print
    Save money by asking us for a printing quote so we can manage your whole campaign. We offer a wide range of printing options.
  • Mapping
    Our specialist team can help with mapping your distribution area. Maps for distributors can be created based on postcode areas or a radius around a chosen location.
  • Demographics
    We can help identify the areas in which the highest number of people in your target audience lives.

Letterbox have already delivered successful leaflet distribution campaigns for companies recruiting for the healthcare industry. We are ready to help you spread the word about your company and help you find the right people to fill your vacancies. So, whatever field you are in, if you are looking for staff and want to try a different approach that doesn’t involve the enormous fees charged by agencies, get in touch today to talk about how we can work together to help fill your vacancies.

Stay ahead of the game and book your recruitment campaign now! Contact us on 020 8440 0400 or


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