Using Door Drop Marketing to Promote Activities for Children

Using door drop marketing to promote activities for children

With the Easter & school half-terms fast approaching, now is the perfect time to plan a door drop marketing campaign to promote children’s activities. Many parents work through the school holidays and are keen to find fun and stimulating activities to keep their children happy and occupied whilst they are at work. (Love Money have some great ideas with what to do with the children during half term, you can read more here). Even those parents who are not working may want their kids to enjoy the company of other children for a few days of the holiday to give themselves a breather and to enable their children to take part in activities they may not have the opportunity to try at home.

With a vast range of holiday, weekend and after school activities on offer, an eye-catching leaflet distributed through the door could be all it takes to prompt a parent to choose your activity over another one.

Think ahead

Busy working parents need to plan ahead, so it’s never too early to sow the seed in their minds about your activity camps or holiday clubs. Some will even be considering clubs or childcare for the school summer break already… sooner than you may think!

  • Parents may already be thinking about a crash course in swimming to prepare their children for a summer holiday at the seaside or by the pool.
  • Those travelling abroad may wish to offer their children the opportunity to learn a new language of a country they are visiting.

A leaflet is not just a leaflet

Get the most out of your leaflet distribution campaign by making it good looking and informative. Use your leaflet to promote the benefits of your activity.

  • Making your leaflet visually appealing will make people more likely to hold onto it and pop it up on the pin board for future reference. Check our out blog on the importance of strong leaflet design & print here.
  • If you offer extended hours on your holiday club, let this be known. Many parents appreciate the option of an extra hour of childcare at the beginning and end of each day to factor in travel time.
  • Creative activities have benefits way beyond just the skills of learning to draw or play a musical instrument. Regular artistic activity improves creative thinking as well as the fine motor skills used for writing and other activities where dexterity is required. Use your leaflet to highlight the benefits.

Ideas for offers

People love to feel they are getting a good deal! Adding a special offer or discount to your leaflet will encourage people to take action. Here are some ideas for offers you could add to your leaflets.

  • Discounts for siblings
  • Free trial class – some children like to try an activity before they commit
  • 10% off when booking with a friend
  • Book by a certain date to save money
  • Discount when booking holiday club for a week or more
  • One price for one off bookings, but a better deal for block bookings


Target your leaflet distribution on the area around where your activity is taking place. Unless it is a specialist club, people usually attend activities close to home.

How we can help you

We don’t just offer leaflet distribution, there are many other ways in which Letterbox can help you with the planning and implementation of your door drop marketing campaign:

  • Mapping
    Our specialist team can help with mapping your area. Maps for distributors can be created based on postcode areas or a radius around a chosen location.
  • Design
    Our talented designers can work with you to create an eye-catching and informative leaflet design.
  • Print
    Save money by asking us for a printing quote. We offer a wide range of printing options.

Letterbox have already delivered successful leaflet distribution campaigns for tennis and swimming clubs, football clubs and martial arts classes. We are ready to help you spread the word about your club or activity. So, whatever the clubs or classes you offer, be they half term or holiday camps, theatre school or drama classes, music lessons or language lessons, art classes, cooking club or something completely different, get in touch today to talk about how we can work together to promote your activity via door drop marketing.

Stay ahead of the game and book your spring and summer distribution campaigns now!
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