Why are we not perfect?

As part of our service we often find ourselves educating people on the door drop industry. It can be a daunting experience and one that we like to take the time to explain.

Door drop involves distributing non addressed items through a letterbox. Sounds a simple task? However, we get faced with a plethora of issues that can prevent this.

Unlike an addressed campaign it means we have to look for the letterboxes and for this reason there are many viable issues that can incur whilst distributing that may cause a non delivery.

Therefore, we would like to share with you some reasons as to why we are not perfect so that you know what to expect when using this type of media.

Why are we not perfect…?

Door Drop is, as you may be aware, a much cheaper alternative than addressed post. The main reason it is more cost effective is we have not personalised each leaflet, magazine, newspaper or sample, and therefore can deliver any item through any of the addresses you have selected. This also means we can put items out quicker as looking for specific addresses takes longer. This does however mean at the end of a door drop campaign if we have any stock left it is likely we will not know what, if any, houses or flats we have missed.

So why has a distributor missed any addresses?

Not having each item addressed means they do not always know they have missed an address. It could be a garden flat behind a house they have not spotted, a corner house where they think the person covering the other street will be delivering, a rural address up a lane which doesn’t look like it will have a property at the end, or in a maze of similar streets on an Estate or New Development they may have got confused and think they have already delivered to these addresses. These are just some of the explanations, and because they do not realise they have missed a property they will not have listed it on a missed property report.

Then we have addresses that they know they cannot deliver to. These include addresses with no letterbox, signs requesting us not to deliver these types of item, buildings undergoing restoration or with tradesmen preventing delivery. Flats whereby they cannot gain access or where a Concierge or Porter requests we only leave a few copies not the full allocation for the number of flats, or people who come out of their property and request we do not deliver to them. In these instances, our distributors are asked to make a record on their Missed Property Report, but we cannot guarantee that they will always put this information down on paper.

 So where are the positives?

So by now this may seem like a big negative and you may be questioning using door drop. This all amounts to a very small percentage of a usual door drop campaign, well beneath the 5% industry tolerance. We wanted to outline why you may get some people reporting having not seen your item so that you realise that this is normal and does not mean there has been a serious failing in the service we are providing you. We have been in this industry for almost three decades and the positive results of our door drop service outweigh the negatives which is why over 4,000 clients use us and why we are celebrating our 30th year of trading. At letterbox distribution, you will be assigned an account manager and will have the direct contact to help you through your distribution.

If you would like any further information on this subject or have a particular question please do not hesitate in contacting us by phone on 0208 4 400 400 or email


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