Why the Job of a Leaflet Distributor is not as Easy As You May Think

Why the Job of a Leaflet Distributor is not as Easy As You May Think

“Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes.”


Have you ever tried distributing leaflets yourself? Until you have spent a full day out delivering on the streets in torrential rain and hot summer sunshine, in hilly built-up areas and on rural country roads, you are unlikely to have a full picture of what’s involved in delivering your door drop campaign. From time to time our office staff accompany distributors on their rounds, either to observe or lend a hand during busy times and they are often surprised by little (or often big) things we don’t consider from the comfort of our offices and how much a distribution can vary from one road – or even one house – to the next.


The images below illustrate the differences between distributions. It is interesting to consider what this means for leaflet distributors out on the street.





House Type

Rows of terraced houses can be covered quickly as houses tend to be closer together as opposed to detached, or even semi-detached houses.

However, even roads with terraced houses can have one or two or even more sets of steps up to the front door which inevitably slows leaflet distributors down when compared to houses set close to the pavement.

Driveways & Gates

Long driveways add to mileage and distribution times. Opening and closing gates may seem simple, but this is another little thing that slows down the delivery times of our leaflet distributors.

No Junk Mail

No junk mail signs are often not visible from the pavement, this means that leaflet distributors may walk up and down the paths or driveways of many houses that do not want leaflets.



A large letterbox that is easy to open is much quicker to push a folded letter through than a small, stiff letterbox with brushes on the inside which can prove to be a slow and fiddly job. Larger magazines and leaflets can prove tricky for small letterboxes. It is not uncommon for leaflet distributors to have grazes on their hands from opening letterboxes.

Leaflet or Magazine

The type of leaflet or magazine being distributed can make a difference to delivery times. Small flimsy leaflets can be harder to push through a letterbox than a thicker postcard, whilst letters, papers or magazines that require folding also add time.


Weight of Material

The weight of thirty magazines is significantly heavier than thirty A5 leaflets. Size and weight of an item has an impact on ease of delivery and time taken. When delivering weight magazines, consider our distributors who are having to carry in excess of XKG at any one time.



Even in big cities, certain areas are hilly; this can slow down leaflet distributors as they attempt to walk up hills with leaflet-laden bags.



When distributing to rural areas we charge accordingly, but London postcodes are generally charged at a standard rate in spite of the fact that the terrain, number of steps up to a house and length of driveways vary greatly from one area of London to another. Even on London streets, there are many houses with gates to open and close, dogs behind front doors and other obstacles and hazards that can slow down deliveries.



Our long-standing delivery teams don’t just work in fair weather; come rain, shine or even snow, our leaflet distributors are still out on the streets, delivering. Rainy days present a particular challenge as it can be hard to keep leaflets dry in a torrential downpour. Protecting leaflets in their waterproof bag until they get to the front door is a slower way of distributing for our teams than the dry day delivery method of being able to hold a pile of leaflets in their hands. On hot summer days we all feel the need to slow down, but leaflets still need to be delivered no matter the temperature. Our leaflet distributors need to stay hydrated, cover their heads for protection from the sun and whilst the job still gets done, these are the days when our teams can feel much more exhausted than those of us who have been sitting in air-conditioned offices.


Our business wouldn’t exist without the people on the streets getting your leaflets and letters into the hands of potential clients, though most people are not aware of what’s involved. There are even more challenges than those listed here and we want to acknowledge the hard work of our leaflet distribution teams who are the final piece in the door drop jigsaw. Our FAQ page gives a little more insight into the ins and outs of our leaflet delivery service.


If you fancy giving leaflet distribution a try yourself, or wish to meet with the teams whilst they deliver, get in touch with us on 020 8440 0400 or


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