direct marketing distribution case studies

Case Studies

direct marketing distribution case studies

Hammersmith & Fulham Council

Leaflet Distribution Company Helps Hammersmith & Fulham Council Keep Tenants Informed

Hammersmith & Fulham Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham in Greater London.

One of 32 borough councils in London, Hammersmith and Fulham is divided into 16 wards and currently has 46 Elected Members.

Client’s Objective

Prior to working with Letterbox, the council’s design and publication department had struggled to find a leaflet distribution company that could provide them with a reliable service.

“We’d tried every option, you name them, we’d most probably tried them, but were always left disappointed by the service we experienced,” explains Geoff Cowart, the council’s Head of Design and Publications.

“We wanted peace of mind that our jobs were going to be carried out correctly by a distributor with the knowledge and experience to carry out the work to the highest standard.”

Leaflet Distribution Company Solution

We have experience working with a number of London Borough Councils so understand the requirements and high standards expected in the Public Sector industry. Hammersmith & Fulham Council trialled our services and several years later, the working relationship is still going strong.

Why Client Chose Our Leaflet Distribution Company

“We chose Letterbox Distribution because we had more confidence in them than anybody else. They were, and continue to be, the most accurate and reliable distributors we’ve ever worked with by far,” said Geoff.

“I’ve been working with Letterbox Distribution for many years now and have always been extremely happy with their door drop services.”

The Results

We’ve been working with the council on a wide range of door to door and bulk delivery services since 2002. From delivering postcards, flyers and adverts to publications and newspapers, Letterbox Distribution has met all of the council’s direct marketing needs.

“At one point they were delivering 80,000 newspapers for us every fortnight,” said Geoff.

“These days we use them to help us regularly communicate key information to residents, which can range from full blown publications and up to 20,000 newspapers to the latest waste collection, school admissions and Council Tax information. They also deliver a lot of targeted products for us, for instance, we often ask them to make specific deliveries to just our schools, libraries or youth clubs.

“Other times we ask them to do partial distributions, such as to all of the White City estate, a particular postcode or to businesses on a certain road. The options are endless.”

Customer service has been integral to the success of the working relationship, which has been cited by the council as being one of Letterbox Distribution’s main strengths.

“I’ve worked very closely with Simon and his team over the years and have always had an excellent relationship with them,” added Geoff.

“I can’t fault the customer service. I’m able to call up and speak to our account manager Bev or Tracey. It’s that personal touch that really makes the difference, in fact, I’ve become really good colleagues with them over the years.

“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”


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