Leaflet distributor or athlete?

Our latest blog looks at the average number of steps a leaflet distributor will take to deliver your items every day. We’ve often written about the ins and outs of leaflet distribution and like to be transparent with how a leaflet distributor works when delivering your leaflets. Here at Letterbox, we work closely with

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Why is print marketing still important in a digital age?Why is print marketing still important in a digital age?

The dominance of the internet nowadays is something that simply cannot be ignored. If companies are to be successful, they need to have an effective website and a strong online presence. Nevertheless, do not make the mistake of believing this means you should ignore other forms of marketing. The services that are offered by a

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Tracked Leaflet DistributionTracked Leaflet Distribution

When discussing our service with clients, one of the most common questions we are asked is “how do we know our leaflets are delivered” or “is the leaflet distribution tracked.” Tracking is an important part of our service; tracking distributors movements whilst they are out delivering, it also offers some peace of mind to clients

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Why distributing leaflets are still useful to your businessWhy distributing leaflets are still useful to your business

Being as we are surrounded by a digital world, is it still essential to have distribute leaflets to advertise our business?   The answer is yes. Together with a website, social networks, advertising, and marketing strategy, distributing leaflets remains an essential element in the work of brand dissemination. We see that communication is increasingly done on

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A Blooming Opportunity – Door Drop & Young PeopleA Blooming Opportunity – Door Drop & Young People

It’s a common misconception that young people are geared towards digital and social media and so door drop is often targeted at the older generation. Ian Gibbs from JICMAIL explores a blooming opportunity for door drop that marketers should consider – young people. It’s a pretty raw deal for young people at the moment. If

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Public Consultations – Ensuring Leaflets are DeliveredPublic Consultations – Ensuring Leaflets are Delivered

When delivering a leaflet or letter regarding a public consultation for a new development or town regeneration, ensuring the items are delivered is one of the most important aspects of the entire campaign. When you book in a distribution, you trust the distribution company to deliver the items to the agreed addresses. Just as crucial

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Marketing on a BudgetMarketing on a Budget

When you think of a marketing campaign, you often consider a glossy magazine advert, a prime-time television promotion or a pricey billboard in the middle of London. Truth is, there is more to marketing than this. With the current climate forcing many to save costs wherever possible; we look at ways to produce a marketing

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