Why leaflet marketing should be used as part of your multi-prolonged strategy

Today’s marketing largely revolves around digital channels. However, did you know that offline marketing, in particular leaflet marketing, can be just as crucial? Leaflets are a classic example of how effective and cost-saving traditional marketing techniques can be. The below article from Business Matters Magazine tells us why leaflet marketing should be included as part of

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The Hidden Cost of our Leaflet Distribution ServiceThe Hidden Cost of our Leaflet Distribution Service

Often when we buy a product or service, we do not consider the costs and efforts that go into providing the end product for the customer. When you order a takeaway pizza, you are paying for ingredients, staff to cook the pizza, overheads such as electricity and rent of the premises, plus a delivery driver

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Using Door Drop to Keep Residents Informed During ConsultationUsing Door Drop to Keep Residents Informed During Consultation

Using Door Drop to Keep Residents Informed During Consultations  Whilst undertaking a public consultation or planning works and road closures, it is deemed by most a necessary requirement to inform those affected. Some projects will have statutory requirements to inform local residents, particularly those involving planning or redevelopments. People like to be in the know

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Door Drop StandardsDoor Drop Standards

If you are planning working with a door drop company in the UK, we highly recommend working with one of the DMA Member companies where you can find a Member list here. These companies follow the DMA code and have completed the DMA compliance requirements. Whether you choose to work with a DMA Member or not,

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Minimum Wage Increase April 2021Minimum Wage Increase April 2021

Our prices will be increasing as of 1st April 2021, in line with the national minimum wage increase coming into effect. So how does this affect our services? Our distributors are primarily adults aged 25 and over to whom we pay at least minimum wage. Due to the increase of 19p from £8.72 per hour to

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How political parties use door to door distributors to gain supportHow political parties use door to door distributors to gain support

Why use door to door distributors? In the run up to an election, political parties pull out all the stops to gain as much support as possible and give themselves the best chance of victory; using door to door distributors is one of the key approaches to creating a successful political campaign. Like most advertising

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Leaflet distributor or athlete?Leaflet distributor or athlete?

Our latest blog looks at the average number of steps a leaflet distributor will take to deliver your items every day. We’ve often written about the ins and outs of leaflet distribution and like to be transparent with how a leaflet distributor works when delivering your leaflets. Here at Letterbox, we work closely with

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