How Councils Use Door Drop to Keep Residents Informed

It may come as a surprise to learn that local councils are amongst the most regular of our door drop clients. The nature and importance of the materials they send out means that they require reliable delivery often within a specific time frame to what can be a wide area of coverage. Being as the

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Why Leaflet Delivery WorksWhy Leaflet Delivery Works

It is hard to go anywhere without being bombarded with marketing messages. We see adverts on the side of buses, on roadside hoardings, in lifts and on station platforms. Such marketing can quickly become something that we just switch off to, like a low-level background noise that we learn to ignore. When we see these

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Using Leaflet Distribution to Promote Activities for ChildrenUsing Leaflet Distribution to Promote Activities for Children

Using leaflet distribution to promote activities for children With the Easter & school half-terms fast approaching, now is the perfect time to plan a door drop campaign to promote children’s activities. Many parents work through the school holidays and are keen to find fun and stimulating activities to keep their children happy and occupied whilst

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Blanket Drops v Targeted CampaignsBlanket Drops v Targeted Campaigns

Have you ever found yourself wondering how to use your marketing campaign to target the right customers for your business? Door drop is an unaddressed piece of mail, so contains no specific information on who lives at each address. However, there are ways in which you can hone your campaign to focus on particular areas

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The Importance of Strong Leaflet Design & PrintThe Importance of Strong Leaflet Design & Print

If you know the many benefits of door to door leaflet distribution over other marketing media, deciding to go ahead with a leaflet campaign can be an easy decision to make. Now comes the hard part… what to include in your leaflet and how best to design it to make the biggest impact? Research shows

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Letterbox Service RefresherLetterbox Service Refresher

It’s easy to remember what we offer – Letterbox Distribution, it’s in the name. But did you know that we also offer a range of different services and products in addition to door drop? Design We can design your leaflets or any other printed material. With a brief from you, we will ensure that your

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GDPR is implemented 25th May 2018 – but should we be scared?GDPR is implemented 25th May 2018 – but should we be scared?

GDPR is implemented on the 25th May 2018 As usual we are all scrabbling around trying to find out what the law is – the onus is for us to know the law and it never seems very easy to find the rules in one place, instead Businesses spend a lot of time and money trying

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