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An integrated approach to marketing

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Synergy is relevant when we think about marketing in that delivering your message across several different marketing channels in sync is likely to be much more effective than if you were to use just one marketing channel.

Imagine a door drop being delivered through the letterbox by a resident; they pick up the leaflet, glance at it and place it in the usual recycling area. Next, imagine the resident has recently seen a sponsored post on Facebook for the same company; the distinct branding looks familiar, attracts their attention and the leaflet draws them in. This time, the resident attaches the leaflet to their notice board to call the company in a few days. As the resident has been exposed to more than one piece of marketing from the company, there is instant brand recognition and they are more likely to remember the brand and make a visual note of the service or offer.

If you were to add another marketing channel, such as a radio or TV advert, or even if your company advertises on billboards or in magazines, this makes it more likely that your message will be picked up and acted upon. Different marketing channels supplement each other; the more often people are exposed to your brand, the more likely it is to be fresh in their minds, offering them that sense of familiarity that people find reassuring.

To further improve your door drop and social media results, you may consider a direct mail campaign, either as a complement to your campaign or as a hybrid approach, designed to ensure greater effectiveness. Direct mail can act as a useful enhancement When you intend to follow up a door drop campaign. You may be sending out a generic leaflet to all residents in a certain location, then, a few weeks later, send a more targeted letter through direct mail, further boosting awareness of your brand and your message.

Alternatively, you may consider a combination of door drop and direct mail where certain addresses are not best suited to door drop. For example, you use door drop in city, town and village areas where you can reach houses easily, but use direct mail to cover houses in more rural areas with long driveways.

Whilst door drop can work alone, a combination of efforts across various platforms ensures maximum effectiveness when you take the strengths of each element and use them together to enhance your campaign. It may take some trial and error to figure out what fits your business best, but with our knowledge of the field, we would be happy to help you plan your next campaign and discuss the integrated marketing approach.

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