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We are green

An honest commitment to supporting our planet’s future 

Work with us and you’ll be helping
conquer the challenge of climate change.

As members of the
Climate Pledge, we’re taking proactive steps to support our planet

This means we:

  • Measure and report our greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Actively implement decarbonisation strategies.
  • Credibly offset our remaining emissions.

Here’s what
that looks like…

  • Certified
    to ISO 14001

    a square which has a tick inside it

    This is the international standard for environmental management systems. Being ISO 14001 certified means we maintain a high standard of environmental practice.

  • Reuse,

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    We reuse our pallets and use only non-hazardous chemicals and substances. We recycle all our materials from paper and plastic to metal and toner cartridges.

  • Care for
    the air

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    Our fleet of electric vehicles exceed requirements for the GLA’s London-wide Low Emission Zone. We plan our journeys for maximum efficiency to minimise energy use.

  • Trees for
    the future

    we are green

    We support the local charity Dream for Trees and Ecologi by donating a tree for every 10,000 leaflets we deliver.

  • Greener

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    We give our clients a wide choice of recycled and virgin stock to print on. Clients can also donate to our forests to offset their campaigns.

Our environmental policy

We do everything we can to monitor and proactively reduce the environmental impact of our operations

We conduct regular environmental reviews.

These reviews ensure we’re meeting our policy goals and compliance requirements.

Environmentalism is a team sport.

That’s why we train and regularly promote environmental awareness across our organisation, from our directors through to our distribution team.

We work with our suppliers and clients to develop services that are kind to the environment.

This includes making sure their purchasing policies are as sustainable as possible and asking our suppliers to provide proof of their environmental credentials.

We also encourage our suppliers to fully consider the environmental impact of their business at all times. That’s why we conduct environmental impact assessments as part of our risk assessment and management procedures.

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