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Direct mail – also known as addressed mail – differs to door drop because it is addressed and may also include the recipient’s name.

This more personalised approach can increase open rates for stronger engagement and greater impact.

Why choose direct mail?

Although door drop campaigns are ideal for many locations, there are some locations where direct mail is a better choice and can be more cost-effective. Here are some examples:

  • Rural areas with longer distances between properties.
  • Blocks of flats that are difficult to access due to concierge or entry restrictions.
  • Campaigns with very specific addresses.

You may also choose to use addressed mail if you have a more targeted offering or are buying name and address data. Depending on your brief, we can deliver addressed letters by hand to certain addresses. We also have access to competitive Downstream Access (DSA) postage rates.

& print services

We have a strong in-house design and print team and a range of fulfilment options to support your campaign. Many of our direct mail jobs are printed and dispatched on the same day.

Many of our direct mail jobs are printed and dispatched on the same day.

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