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Providing a price for a door drop campaign isn’t as simple as you might think.

There are many factors that go into providing a price for your door drop campaign. There are so many factors to consider such as:

  • What you want us to deliver.
  • Where you’d like us to deliver.
  • How many properties you’d like us to deliver to.
  • How you’d like us to deliver your campaign.
  • Any special requirements you have.

If you can provide a full brief, we can give you an accurate, correctly priced project cost

But for ease, our quick quote tool can provide some indicative starting rates, just select your postcode and distribution area and we’ll give you a rough idea of how much your project could cost.

Our Quick
Quote tool

Remember, a low cost isn’t always necessarily a good cost. We price for a job well-done. We pay our distributors the Living Wage and have experienced supervisors to ensure your campaign is correctly delivered.