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Data & targeting

Data & targeting
for successful direct

Reach the right people effectively and quickly with our mapping and profiling tools.

Geographical targeting

We use a range of tools to ensure your campaign reaches the right audience for the best results and the correct number of addresses in a given area

These tools include our bespoke mapping software which uses OS data, GeoPlan and Mosaic.

We can work to postcode sectors, geographical radiuses or bespoke map areas and can handle specific requests such as selected streets or certain numbers within a street. You can trust that our data is fully up to date and includes PAF and multi-bells. Our mapping team will create a bespoke map using our full A-Z licence for distributors to work from, giving you confidence that your message is going into the right letterboxes.

We also have access to consumer and business databases for addressed mail.

Demographic profiling

Know that your materials are reaching the right people with accurate demographic profiling.

We use Mosaic which breaks the UK population down into 64 categories according to social class, age, property type, area, income and children.

Demographic profiling with Mosaic means you can be selective with door drop areas for a more targeted approach to communicating with your audience. It can be more affordable than targeting specific addresses with purchased customer data.

Reducing waste

Rely on our experience to avoid campaign wastage.

We can specify counts for your campaign in terms of residential vs. business addresses and private properties vs. council-owned homes. This can help reduce the number of leaflets we print, saving you money and preventing unnecessary waste.

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