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Blanket drops v targeted campaigns

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Have you ever found yourself wondering how to use your marketing campaign to target the right customers for your business? Door drop is an unaddressed piece of mail, so contains no specific information on who lives at each address. However, there are ways in which you can hone your campaign to focus on particular areas or types of clients.

Should you opt for a mass mailing or is it best to refine your customer range to reach a specific type of client? That will depend on a number of factors, so we have shared some information below to give you an idea of what may be best suited to you and your business.

Blanket Drops

Blanket drops allow you to reach the largest possible audience across a wide area. A shared drop can bring down your costs and, if you book with Letterbox, you can rest assured that whilst your leaflet will be delivered alongside others, yours will be the only leaflet from your industry.

Blanket drops work for large-scale brand awareness. Broad blanket drops are often used by established businesses that have already created brand awareness and are now household names. Such campaigns act as a prompt or reminder of the services or products they offer and are often accompanied by special offers to encourage people to buy. For lesser-known businesses, blanket drops can help create brand awareness, spreading their name and their offers to a wide range of homes. Repeat drops help reinforce the brand name and confidence in it as potential clients or customers become familiar with your business name and logo through repeated reminders over some time. This way, when they are looking for what you offer, your brand will be at the forefront of their mind.

Targeted Campaigns

Targeted campaigns are more apt for certain businesses and allow you to target based on your industry, what you are trying to promote and the type of clients you wish to attract. If you want to cherry-pick your clients, this is perfect!

Estate agents may wish to target owner-occupied homes within a certain radius of their office. Care homes may wish to target over 50s with an average household income of XX-plus. Targeted options are perfect for consultation work, where letters need to be distributed within a set area and have to be received on a specific date.

Which method is best for you?

This depends on what you are trying to promote and what you wish to achieve with your campaign. Before deciding whether to opt for blanket or targeted drops, try to work out your objectives. Is your product or service more suited to a certain type of customer or is it relevant for everyone? There are various ways in which you can narrow down your target audience, so let’s take a look at those options.

Target by area

We can provide radius searches to target a certain area or distance from your business. We can also deliver to specific postcodes or postcode sectors or even focus on a bespoke area created by you.

Target by demographic

Whilst door drops are not addressed, we have software that gives us basic information on the number of privately owned/council homes which may give you a general feel for an area. If you were looking to be even more specific we can, for an additional fee, offer reporting via Mosaic which allows us to target people by age, affluence, property value, income or interests. We could even profile your existing customers and help you find prospects like them. The report gives us general postcode sector information, so again not a specific address, but it does mean your leaflet will be delivered to areas with a higher percentage of people in your target audience.

Super niche

If you have an even clearer definition of your ideal client and want to know that number 5 on the left-hand side of Park Avenue has a family of 4 with an ABC1 demographic, then purchasing data and direct mail will be your only option. We can help you with this too.


Does GDPR scare you and put you off doing mail drops? We can still purchase name and address data which is GDPR compliant.

COSTS – Blanket drop vs. targeted campaign

When comparing the costs, take into consideration the amount of time spent planning a targeted campaign. Also, when you find yourself drilling down on the details, comparing cost and time spent, how much does it matter if someone who is not your target audience receives a leaflet? It does not… they may know someone who is looking for the service you offer and can pass the leaflet on.

Want to know more?

Still confused or not sure which option is best for you or your business? Get in touch when you are at the planning stage and we can advise on the options and provide costings for your campaign. Call us on 020 8440 0400 or email