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Travel Four Seasons

How Travel Four Seasons use leaflet distribution to increase brand awareness, enquiries and bookings.

Travel Four Seasons are an online travel agency with a strong focus on providing a local and highly personalised service.

Having used social media and online advertising to support their business, they faced a challenge which required a change of approach.

New location, new door drop campaign

With a new office location, the team at Travel Four Seasons needed to re-evaluate their approach to marketing. Although online and social media campaigns were perfect for raising awareness, it was difficult to ensure the geographical coverage that the team needed.

We worked with the team to create a 4-page newsletter which would be delivered to local houses within a 6 mile radius of the business. This provided local residents with an engaging and “sticky” piece of communication that would work in a way that online media couldn’t.

Visibly strong results

Travel Four Seasons reported instant brand awareness as a result of the campaign and an upturn in enquiries.

They also saw an upturn on bookings from new clients. Sean Fletcher, director of Travel Four Seasons explained:

The brand awareness and ROI on direct mail campaigns far outweigh any online leaflet distribution campaign we have done. We are very happy with the success of the campaign and looking at replicating it over the summer.

Sean FletcherDirector, Travel Four Seasons