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How councils use door drop to keep residents informed

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It may come as a surprise to learn that local councils are amongst the most regular of our clients. Councils often use door drop distributors to deliver information across the Borough. The nature and importance of the materials they send out means that they require reliable delivery often within a specific time frame to what can be a wide area of coverage.

As the content of the letters is important information that residents need to know, such letters must be delivered to every property within any given area, including shops and even homes with “No Junk Mail” stickers as such letters are classified as informative material. We enable communication between councils and communities by providing them with a reliable service that fits their requirements, be it delivering a small number of letters to local residents on a tight turnaround or blanket coverage of publications throughout a borough.

Many councils publish their own monthly or quarterly magazines informing residents of what’s going on in the local area. A great example of this is the London Borough of Barnet’s Barnet First MagazineThese publications contain important information about bin collections and recycling and how council tax is being spent, as well as news of local activities, initiatives and volunteering opportunities. With all addresses in a borough being covered, our door drop distributors regularly deliver magazines to over 100,000 homes per issue. Some wards have their own newsletters and certain councils also supply printed material to residents, detailing adult education courses in the area.

When roads need to be resurfaced or closed due to events, developments or maintenance, letters are delivered to all residents within a certain radius, informing them that noise or disruption may occur as a result of work. Letters give dates and times of disruption so that residents are aware and can accommodate. It is our responsibility to ensure that all letters are delivered to every address necessary within a required time period.

We have also sent out letters for local councils to let residents know that yellow lines are proposed in their roads and some councils even send out letters to residents offering them the opportunity to pay for a white line to be painted in front of their drop curb to discourage people from parking in front of their property. All manner of events and alterations require councils to communicate with the community effectively or give the public notice – many things which people may not pay attention to unless they live in the area, but which they are obliged to write to residents about. Our bespoke & consultation service is best suited to distributions of this nature.

With a greater emphasis on the environment and curbing pollution in recent years, local councils are encouraging residents to cycle rather than drive and we have seen an increase in the number of letters we are sending regarding cycle routes. Councils have also organised cycle rides and bike sales to encourage the use of bikes, both for reasons of environment and health. When new bike hangers are being installed outside a residence, householders are informed by letter and recently, with the growth of the electric vehicle market, we have been delivering letters informing residents that electric vehicle charging points will be installed in their streets – something that is likely on the rise.

Certain developments or changes in the community require public consultations, such as the development of shopping centres and new residences. As it is necessary to invite residents to give their input on certain consultations and invite them to consultation events, our door drop distributors ensure that those letters are delivered to every relevant home in good time.

When the dates of recycling or waste collection change, people need to know so they can put their bins out on the correct day of the week. We help local councils by delivering those letters. Some councils now charge for their green waste collections and implementing this system requires a series of letters, from the first invitation to sign up for the scheme, to the seasonal delivery of instructional letters and bin stickers. We deliver regular distribution campaigns from the data they provide to help them keep on top of the job.

When communication via letter between the council and the community is necessary, Letterbox can help. In printing and hand-delivering letters to residents, our door-to-door distributors ensure that important information is received on time at every required address. Even if, for any reason, we are unable to deliver to an address in person – be that due to a blocked letterbox or issues with access – sending the handful of missed addresses out by mail ensures that the council gains full coverage.

For further information on how we can help deliver important information notices, whether you are a council or not, contact us today at 020 8400 0400 or email