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Targeting an Audience for your Leaflet Drop

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There are a number of key things to consider when planning a leaflet drop campaign and amongst the most important is knowing your target audience and where to find them. What products or services are you selling? Who will they most likely appeal to? Where do your existing customers live and what sort of people provide the majority of your return custom? Being aware of your current customer base and the sort of new customers you would like to attract is a good starting point.


Target audiences vary widely from business to business and area to area. You may have a product or service that is purely aimed at other businesses or perhaps you cater solely for high income families living in a particular region. Demographic profiling is a great way to identify areas with the highest proportion of your target audience. We offer a report* that will include a postcode sector list with house counts and a heat map which can be used to plan your leaflet drop. Profiling can provide information on the housing tenure and socio-economic numbers such as age, gender and income in any given area. Whilst exact addresses cannot be provided, you can build up a strong picture of the people who live in each postcode sector.

Residential and commercial counts and building type

Most advertising leaflet drops are delivered just to residential addresses, but certain industries may benefit from including businesses too. Some offices regularly order a takeaway on Fridays and busy workers may not have time to pop out for lunch. If the local restaurant delivers this could be a great way of gaining regular clients that would otherwise be missed by skipping business addresses. Estate agents on the other hand, are likely to deliver only to private addresses and not to council homes or businesses, unless they also cover commercial property lettings or sale. Some companies wish to target by house type, covering only houses or flats. Whether you offer gardening services or are a company looking for people to rent out parking spaces on their driveways the type of property you deliver to is something you may wish to take into consideration when planning your leaflet drop.


Targeting the immediate area around a business and slowly branching out into a wider radius or drive time is the way many people plan their leaflet drop campaigns. Maps are usually created to a radius or postcode sector, but it is also possible to target specific streets from your own list or based on profiling. A takeaway may distribute only to postcodes where they offer free delivery, whereas a destination restaurant may have a strong enough appeal to draw in customers from beyond its local community making distributions to wider postcode areas worthwhile. If you are selling in person from a physical location, your delivery area will be limited by how far customers will travel, but if you are selling online, location may not be as important as demographic.

Here at Letterbox we use Geoplan StreetFinder to give total property numbers in specific streets, postcodes areas and within a given radius, with the option to break these figures down into property type, residential or business and tenure. These figures are helpful in deciding how many leaflets need printing, but decisions on which properties are private or rented, flats or houses are made at street level by distributors. The demographic profile report is based on information from Mosaic, a customer segmentation model.

Certain customers provide their own address list for us to work from or request a bespoke service whereby we supply a custom list* to fit their requirements and deliver by hand or through the postal service.

For further tips on defining your target market, click here.

Whatever your targeting requirements, we are always happy to assist you with planning your leaflet drop campaign as our 30+ years in business have taught us what works. Click here to learn more about our leaflet distribution services or contact us now on 020 8440 0400 or to discuss your options.

*Cost applies.