The New Normal

The last few months have changed the world irrevocably.

Whilst some may have welcomed some much needed changes in their life and a chance to consider what is important, for most it has been a very difficult time.

As the UK starts to see some of the ‘lock-down’ rules eased and look towards a more relaxed way of life again, many businesses are beginning to plan their opening or may have already opened.

Companies of all sizes have adapted to a ‘new normal’ and have introduced new products, services and ways of running their operations.

We’ve seen estate agents offering virtual viewings, restaurants expanding their takeaway capabilities and beauty salons introducing online booking systems. Care homes are looking to recruit new staff or fill voids and some teachers are even offering their classes online.

Many of our clients, in industries mentioned above, and in different sectors are beginning to book in with us again as they see door drop as a key way of getting their message out to potential clients.

Door drop has never been more relevant given the number of people at home to see your messages. Over half of the working population are working from home and others are at home on furlough. With more families at home, up to an average of 3 people are reading each leaflet, magazine or newspaper – and these are being kept in the home for longer. On top of this, other channels especially broadcast and adverts on public transport suddenly becomes less effective as commuter numbers are drastically reduced.

Do get in touch with us to let us know how the pandemic has affected your business, or if you would like to find out more about our services. June is the month to relaunch your business and ensure you beat the rush!

To find out more about how door drop can help you reach customers old and new, please see our door drop guide here or give us a contact us.


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