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The role of planning and admin in public consultation distributions

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The level of planning and admin that is required for a public consultation distribution is far greater than a standard leaflet campaign for advertising purposes. Due to the nature of the item being distributed, i.e., usually for a road closure, works in the area or to provide details on a local development, it is necessary that everyone in the area should receive a leaflet.

Before we book your distribution, there are a number of stages we will go through before your leaflet leaves us ready for public consultation distribution delivery through doors.


Firstly, a bespoke map area is created, usually following a client’s boundaries as opposed to a standard postcode sector map. On the map, special instructions are listed such as ‘do not deliver to’ or ‘only deliver up to number 54’. Once the map has been created, our account management team will research the area and look into how to access all properties, particularly if there are lots of blocks. Prior instructions may be made with the client or local authority in terms of access, and the team supervisor will be supplied with detailed information.

Missed property reports

Missed property reports are created so that any properties that we knowingly cannot deliver to (such as no entry to a block or building works restricting access) can be noted down during distribution. These copies can then be sent out via Direct Mail or the client may choose a re-delivery option.


After the distribution, the account manager will download the tracking and check this against the distribution map. The file will then be converted so it is readily available for the client to view. They will send over the tracking and missed property report and be on hand to answer any queries.

You will find our prices for a consultation slightly higher than those for a standard leaflet campaign, due to the additional planning and admin efforts that go into the job. We acknowledge the need for the extra detail and care of these types of distribution to ensure that the leaflet or letter is received by everyone intended.

If you have any questions about our public consultation delivery service, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8440 0400 or