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Tracked Leaflet Distribution

this is a map showing tracking from a distribution where it clearly shows orange dots which represents each tracking point

Whilst undertaking a public consultation or planning works and road closures, it is deemed by most a necessary requirement to inform those affected. Some projects will have statutory requirements to inform local residents, particularly those involving planning or redevelopments.

When discussing our service with clients, one of the most common questions we are asked is “How do we know our leaflets are delivered” or “Is the leaflet distribution tracked.”

Tracking is an important part of our service; tracking distributors’ movements whilst they are out delivering, also offers some peace of mind to clients and allows us to look back on movements should there be any queries.

Each distributor wears a tracking device that is accessible by us in the office at any time. Tracking devices record a live GPS position every 5 seconds. Each tracker is run from a mobile network using a SIM card. This position is sent through GPRS to the online platform. Historic reports can then be run to see where each tracking device has been at any time of the day.

Whilst tracking has allowed leaflet distribution to evolve into an effective and reliable communication channel (you can read about the benefits here), it is underpinned by technology and does come with its own challenges.

Common Tracking Issues:

  • Inside buildings – signals may not always be picked up when inside buildings, blocks
  • Weather conditions – satellites can be affected by temperature, pressure and humidity
  • Rural areas – dense agriculture and mountains can intercept signals
  • Battery/charging issues – if trackers are not switched on at the right times
  • Pockets – signals may be blocked when held inside distributor pockets
  • Objects – some reflective and metal objects can block signals
  • Mobile network – trackers may be affected if the mobile network is down

For more information on our tracked leaflet distribution service, please contact us on 020 8440 0400.