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Using demographics to target your leaflet distribution audience

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We are often asked if we target a specific leaflet distribution audience, be that those with a certain income level or households with children, as examples. Standard postcode data does not give us information on house type or demographics.

This is where demographic reporting comes in.

Using Mosaic profiles, we can offer a targeted report to identify which postcode sectors your target audience lives in. The UK population is split into 64 categories ranging from profile A (high-status city dwellers living in central locations) to profile K (urban renters of social housing facing an array of challenges) and many profiles in between. You can find out more about Mosiac on their website here. If Mosaic’s pre-set profiles do not fit your audience, you can select your own and we will build a bespoke audience type.

If you are unsure of your audience, we can profile your current data to see what Mosaic groups they fall into. Using this data, we can then run the profile report.

Once the audience has been selected, the report will be run across a geographical area depending on where your product or service is located. Generally, an area of around 10-15 miles works well, though we can run a report for all postcodes within the M25, for example.

What can demographic reporting tell me?

The report will show the entire list of postcode sectors within the area selected that are ranked in order of the percentage of your target audience living there. For example, there may be 70% of your target audience living in EN4 8 compared to only 50% of your target audience in neighbouring EN5 1. To see an interactive map of the London postcodes, see our quick quote form here.

You will also see the number of total households in that area, alongside the total number of target households, so you get an understanding of potential wastage.

In addition, you will be provided with a heat map that shows visually where the postcode sectors are located and are colour-coded to represent the % of your target audience there.

It is worth bearing in mind that the report does not tell us exactly where these households are, they are based on postcode sector level, so you will still have to book leaflet distribution for the whole postcode sector.

For more information on using demographics to target your leaflet distribution audience, contact us on 020 8440 0400.

*The report is a chargeable service.