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Why a letter drop is the best way to notify residents of works in your area

temporary lights signify roadworks are present on this road

It is a legal requirement to inform residents of works in their area and here we discuss why a letter drop is the most effective channel.

Universal Communication Channel

The letterbox is universal, in that everyone will have one, meaning that with a letter drop you are able to target every person that will be affected as your message is delivered directly through their letterbox. Other communication channels like social media or television and radio ads are not used by everyone. Imagine the uproar if your local highways company put out a social media post that they will be closing your road for two weeks. Not only does it limit the potential reach as not everyone is on social media, but often social media posts are easily scrolled past and are likely to be missed. The same can be said for television and radio ads, which are not monitored by all that are affected and cannot be relied upon. A 2015 study by Forbes explains why paper tends to beat digital, according to neuroscience.

Print is Tangible

Sending a leaflet, or letter through the letterbox means that the resident on the other side has to pick it up (even if it is just to put it in the recycling pile) – giving your residents a window of time to read your notice. If your logo or a strapline reading ‘Important information about works in your area’ (or similar), is included, the resident is more likely to be aware of the content and read on.

More Trusted

Many people find that print as a medium is more trusted than other channels such as social media. As the wording on a printed item cannot be changed, your words cannot be amended or adapted through hearsay on social media or online.

How to Ensure Maximum Exposure

Alongside a letter drop to affected residents, it is worth adding posts on social media and local radio channels to enforce the closure. Definitely use signage in the affected area to remind people of the work.

Tracked Service

Most letter drop distributors wear tracking devices which show the route they have delivered to. This gives you proof that your message had been delivered through the letterbox and covers yourself against potential disgruntled residents who may claim they did not receive or read the copy. For more information on our tracking service, see our previous blog here.

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