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Why responses from door drop aren’t always immediate

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As one of the UK’s leading leaflet distribution specialists for almost three decades, we’re often asked questions relating to all aspects of our industry-leading delivery service.
We thought it would be useful to explain why the responses from door drop aren’t always immediately obvious.

A common question we hear is, “What response rate can I expect to receive?” and often our reply, “How long is a piece of string?” can be a tough answer to hear, as it will depend on what you need the string for. The same applies to leaflet distribution. We would love to be able to reel off definitive response rates, but in reality, it is not as straightforward as this.

It is important not to fall for the misconception that on the day of carrying out a door drop the calls are going to come in thick and fast. Agreed, it would be the ideal result, and in some cases may well apply; this may be most common with takeaway menus. However, for the majority of businesses, this is probably not going to happen. There a number of reasons why you might not get the influx of phone calls straight away…

Firstly, it will depend on your call to action on the leaflet. Did you direct the potential new client to your website or to call? People often believe calls to be the definite benchmark for results of a campaign and overlook increased traffic to their website. Secondly, what is your business? Are you offering a service, are you selling items, is your leaflet of consultation nature and therefore response is not the priority?

This does vary for every business as the service you provide is not always of need to the household at that time. Think of receiving an estate agent leaflet… this is not going to make someone sell their home, but when they do, you will be in the forefront of their mind. They may have plans to refurbish their kitchen and bathroom next year and your leaflet has spiked their imagination and they may go online to check out your kitchen and bathroom shop. On the flip side, you may see a restaurant or cafe advertising a discount for this weekend only, or a hairdressers with a limited offer and see an immediate response.

Let’s not forget about repeat customers! One customer that you gain from a leaflet campaign may become a loyal client and therefore their returning custom may in fact over time cover the costs of the leaflet drop and more. Plus, loyal clients are most likely to recommend you.

It’s not all about responses. A leaflet campaign is a great way of creating brand awareness; a new business may see less of a reaction compared to an established business that has been leaflet-dropping for various months. We subconsciously build recognition with brands, how many times have you seen the same company’s leaflet come through your door? We really do recommend that repetition. It is far better to hit 10,000 homes 3 times, than 30,000 homes once. Let local residents know you are there. So often we hear our clients say ‘People don’t even know we exist!’

After having said all of this, never doubt the benefits of a leaflet campaign. A leaflet is a tangible item. You can reach 1,000’s of doormats from as little as 2.5p each.  People have to pick your leaflet up, so whilst your leaflet will be in someone’s hand, you have a few seconds to shout your message to them. They can’t ignore your leaflet, so make sure what you say speaks to them.

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