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Regular leaflet drops to keep you top of mind

there are two copies of a magazine called Inspire 56, which is the business magazine of Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce

Consumers are not always going to be ready to buy your services when you run a marketing campaign so it is important to conduct regular leaflet drops to keep your brand top of mind. Daylite offer 6 tips for keeping your brand top of mind.
The hope is that you will be remembered when the need comes for your product or service.

Think of selling your home

It is a process that some may go through only one or twice in their lives, so it is unlikely that if someone receives a leaflet for an Estate Agency that they are going to respond immediately.

Two scenarios are likely to occur. The first; there is no intention to sell the house anytime soon, so your leaflet is put out with the recycling. Most will glance at a leaflet, even just for a few seconds and if your design is eye-catching and you have a good presence in the area, your brand will be recognised. The second scenario is that the recipient may have considered selling their property and are vaguely interested in getting some more information, so they contact you to request some more information. If you’re really lucky, your leaflet may land with someone who is actively looking to sell their property and they contact you immediately.

Why regular leaflet drops?

Many of our clients, in various industry sectors will conduct regular leaflet drops, be that monthly or quarterly to maintain a strong presence in their local area. Some alternate their map areas each time round to ensure a wider coverage overall. If you have lived in your area for some time, you are likely to have a subconscious awareness of the companies around you. Fancy a takeaway? Mario’s Pizza. Selling your house? Browns Estates. Need a plumber? JPs Plumbing Services. These companies do regular leaflet drops and they are remembered more so than the companies that do not.

The same can be said for all types of marketing, not just leaflet drops. Seeing the same messages on social media TV or on billboards and at the train station will all have the same effect. Having your content across various channels will further enforce your brand into potential consumers’ minds. We explain here how you can integrate different channels into your marketing mix.

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