Use your distribution company for flyer printing

Consider using your distribution company for flyer printing When you are running a business there are so many different things to think about and keep on top of that it can feel like you are trying to juggle too many balls. Opportunities to save time and simplify processes are appealing, but you may not be

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The True Reach of your Door Drop CampaignThe True Reach of your Door Drop Campaign

Time to acknowledge the true reach of your door drop campaign – it’s probably bigger than you think! The concept of audience-based planning and measurement is a fairly novel concept for the mail industry. Facebook and Google can tell you how many people saw your ad. So can TV channels, print publications, radio stations, outdoor

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Why You Should Not Stop Leaflet DropsWhy You Should Not Stop Leaflet Drops

Many people organise their leaflet drops at the last minute, planning campaigns as an urgent afterthought when business is quiet or when they discover a stash of leftover leaflets while having a clear out. Those who enjoy consistent success with their door drop campaigns plan ahead for the entire year, with a clear schedule of

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Spread the good newsSpread the good news

We’ve been reflecting on why society seems to focus on bad news instead of good, plus the implications this can have on us and on businesses… Did you know it takes 5 positive actions to overcome 1 negative? In the world of business as in other areas of life, bad news travels fast. The press,

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Using Leaflet Distribution to Recruit Staff Quickly and EasilyUsing Leaflet Distribution to Recruit Staff Quickly and Easily

  It may seem like an unusual approach if you’ve never tried it, but leaflet distribution to recruit staff can be a super-efficient and cost-effective way of reaching potential staff members in their own homes and filling vacancies. If you find that you are having trouble filling vacancies at your company? Or you have a

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How Councils Use Door Drop to Keep Residents InformedHow Councils Use Door Drop to Keep Residents Informed

It may come as a surprise to learn that local councils are amongst the most regular of our clients. Councils often use door drop distributors to deliver information across the Borough. The nature and importance of the materials they send out means that they require reliable delivery often within a specific time frame to what can

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Why Leaflet Delivery WorksWhy Leaflet Delivery Works

Here at Letterbox, we would always argue that leaflet delivery works. With years of experience in the leaflet delivery business, we have been host to countless door drop marketing campaigns, so we’ve put together some key reasons why leaflet delivery continues to perform as one of the top marketing channels. It is hard to

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